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Please Remove Pot Timer from event


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@Hermes Please remove or extend the times on the pots from the event. AWESOME event, but I've literally got thousands of pots and I will NEVER be able to use them in 2 weeks, they are also not tradeable or I would be giving them to my CP. 

Can you PLEASE Remove the timer on the pots? or at the VERY least extend it by 30 days so those of use participating in the even can use our rewards? 

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Not sure which event he refers to, but the one with 30kk per ticket is definitely a bummer - there should be no time limit on pots when you pay for tickets.

NC, why you don't let us stack on those items? Naia is dead, more players would participate if they knew they would get a chance to use up obtained boosts. Now many people don't really see the point as other rewards are too rare.

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