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Wasting boosts because server has soulshot lag

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Juano1    3

Hi, I would like to know how are you guys gonna compensate us for making us waste freya scrolls, freya roses, hp boost, eruption vitality pots, cakes, time or prestige packs because we die due to non working soulshots. Tnx!

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Daikon    31

At some point they addded so much crap to be calculated during every hit(elements,fixed dmg,pve,pvp,imobility,debuff, and a shitload more) that they moved soulshot activation priority down, what is quite convenient for them.

When server is on, i would say, lightly high load this ss lag starts.. it sucks. I've soloed a whole kartia boss withou ss once. Nothing I did would work to activate it.

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Nymphadorae    129

Since August 20th that I've been back and forth with the L2 Support Team about this.

Each day I get an even crazier theory from them in their responses (since "try to repair files through the launcher" from "you don't have the right soulshots equipped" to "it's a problem on your end, everything is fine here").

 So... yeah... they ask people with this "issue" to submit a ticket, so they can try to fix it. If you're attempting this, I wish you all the patience in the world. You will need it...

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