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Back at lineage 2

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Hello everyone, I haven't played lineage 2 for years and now that I have a PC I wanted to play again, what server do you recommend for a casual player? I'm not interested in pvp but I would like to cooperate in pve and be able to hang out without problems with items and stuff. Being able to have the basics to have a good time in the lvl areas. From already thank you very much!

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Welcome back!

It really depends on what you prefer. Chronos has more players, meaning more items in the market, maybe lower prices due to competition, but also more players in farming spots. Often you will be killed or your spot will be taken over by stronger players. L2 is more a solo game in pve, but you can find some low level parties.

I'm in Naia and I like it.

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Nauka is right. 

Naia server have less ppl, you have + peace time at PVE zones.

Chronos have + ppl + competition. 

As a casual player I presume ull be a f2p player, soo about market/prices no need Care.  

GL and welcome back. Live server have Fun classes to play

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