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Hawkeye, Phantom Ranger, Or Treasure Hunter

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1 minute ago, Mystogan said:

Guys out of these three classes... which one would you recommend for pvping, i want to kick ass and cant decide between the three classes, Hawk eye, Phantom Ranger or Treasure hunter.

Welcome to my life. I'm still unsure if i should go PR, TH or GH. 
Keep in mind this tho : Archers are the best choice for a 9v9/siege/mass pvp while TH is good for 1v1/olympiads/9v9. 
What kind of the game are you gonna enjoy the most? You want to join the top clans or just be a casual war/solo player? 
Daggers maximum potential is yet to arrive. At level 50 and 51 you will learn Hide and Shadow step...also, skill's damage is increased. 
Sadly you lack of Lethal Blow at 76 and Focus power at level 77...And that's either 'cause exp will go sloooowly and even 'cause level cap is 70.
Archers and Nukers get their "main fire power" at level 40 already. PR will go insane after level 59/60 where he learns Fatal Counter and Dead Eye. 
So...with this things in mind, think about what features you wanna enjoy the most. Then pick.

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in most games i like to get a quick kill in being stealthy, i usually pick assassins / ninjas / rogues in many games. So i am aiming towards TH but hopefully they  are good in this classic patch.

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