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Dragon Dagger in Chronos AH for 1000B WTF?


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stage 1 dragon weapons do not cost that much lol.. unless you overpay for the claws but the raw materials & reasonable priced claws will set you back around ~400bil yes so pending on how much the dragon dagger fragment has cost the guy  I would guess he is still making a profit here albeit a slim one compared to what he prolly could have gotten for it 6 months ago..

market is in bad shape and the seller runs the risk that if NCWest decides to run the same dragon weapon events as EU/RU & Asia has had that the prices will completely collapse..


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15 hours ago, Colton said:

That's a lot less than what it cost to make it, doesn't it?

Try to make 1 Trillion Adena and then come tell us how cheap it is, rofl.

And with the dragon weapon even pending on us, this thing is like 5x what the prices will go to soon.

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I just hope we don't get the dragon event ever, we do not need more power on the toons. As it is a decent party will do k99 in less than 15 minutes; CC/Bay take no more than 4-5 minutes each; Altar 30 minutes; AF 15 minutes. You're not fixing PvP with more item events, you would only be unbalancing PvP even further.

Why would we want more power? so we can play L2 for 5 minutes per day and shut it off?. On top the PvP is decent now, I understand you want to milk the cow, but do something else!!!.

XP events different from fishing event would be very nice: 

  • XP packs (cakes, Vita maintenance etc).
  • Passes for Balok, Altar, Baylor, K99, Kartia, Gludio, etc.. that allow people to do it 3x vs just 2x like today.
  • No loose XP on PvP Rune!
  • 500% Xp Rune event.
  • More like the red libra tickets but sell the additional XP tickets for Ncoin instead of Adena and improve the XP reward.
  • Vitality recovery items.

think on how to close the level gap instead of focusing only on the items!. Events focused on items only are what kill the server and to be honest there are plenty other ways to milk the cow!, you just need to think a little on it!. 

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