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Sending store gift, how can I trust them?


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Hello everyone

I posted an article before asking about L2 store and how it works Here

I understood that i can send store items to players through gift button but it's not like COD mail

say that i made a deal with someone, sent gift but he didn't send me Adena 

Is there any rules protecting me in this case or is't just a matter of trusting? need your advice please

Thanks in advance 


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On 13‏/10‏/2018 at 8:26 AM, ChiChele said:

depends the player if he buys from years for sure will not scam you . there is no protection you make a pray and say pls send the adena! 

this is the second problem. I'm new in this server and don't know players that much


7 hours ago, mixa said:

If you read the button, it says "Gift".

Now if you're trying to sell a gift, that's a complete different story and you can lose your ncoin no problem. This is also not a scam, since you're literally RMTing.

well, i saw a lot of players saying (WTS N COINS) and I knew this is the way they sell coins.

i want to get +99 set +weapon and other items and i can't find other ways to get them only by selling coins, all field RBs are taken down by certin people and doing the daily zones gave me only 1 R 99 Piece. 

btw my English is not that much and i don't know what you mean by RMTing :) 

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RMT is short for Real Money Trading, i.e. converting real-life currency like dollars or rial into adena. This is greatly frowned upon by older players who are accustomed to obtain their funds by in-game means, like for example doing the daily Mithril Mines run for 1.1 million adena net profit.

As far as your original question is concerned, I can only emphasize what ChiChele said: there is no protection. NCsoft has a hands-off policy as far as player-to-player transactions are concerned; if you gift somebody a Party Cake from the L2Store and he never sends you your adena, no GM will help you.

What you can do is look around and check which L2Store items are sold by player shops around Giran, and at what price. Then you buy some buff potions or whatever for yourself, set up a Sell Shop and wait for people to buy it at the price you have set. As long as you don't talk to your customers and let them pull you into Exchange trades (the "handshake" icon), this is absolutely safe. The only downside is that nobody might buy your wares. So just purchase a small quantity and only such items you can use yourself as well :)

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