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NA- Talking Island - Tenacious Hardcore at Heart Casual By Nature - Recruitment Now Open

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Mishi    12

Just an update for everyone:
Tenacious will be halting all recruitment. 


Thank you. 


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xtinger    1
On 19/10/2018 at 1:44 AM, LoanWolf said:

We are currently Guild level 2 with 16 members.  We are finally opening up recruitment as we have gotten in all of our members that needed to.  We will be progressing to Level 3 once our roster fills again.  Most of our members are between 25-35.  We have daily grind groups and everyone is assisting each other with gear.  If you are looking for a professional run guild but with that close group of friends feel read our charter (link at bottom of recruitment thread) and post an intro and we will get you invited.  

Hi, i like your guild the way things are, am

a old player from Chronos. Just want to play classic for a change. And i need a good and understanding guild. Just started yesterday, hoping you still got slot for a level 26. 

Btw, i am a working adult , wanted to play with style again despite the age.  


IGN: xtinger

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