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you cant go past +5 stats


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25 minutes ago, Mousa said:

From what I remember you could go +5 at max, but - minus more than 5!

Yes in oldschool aka classic lineage 2 era you could only do +5 on any one stat. One of my characters still has her tatoos from C2 because I stopped playing her when they nerfed sleep (which was needed honestly).

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They should not increase the dye limit to +12, that's ridiculous and the game mechanic is not meant for that. 

In GOD they came out with this because players have 100k HP, and the stats can scale appropriately with the other parameters of the game.

This is not "exactly" chronicle 1.5, but i'ts still nearly that. Do not change +5 max dye. This will damage the game's mechanics.

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