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The one thing that always bothered me , NCSoft stance on scammers. Such as shop scammers, gear scammers, name cloning/similar  to scam gear. They are at their old tricks again, and it being hardcore version will scare off players who get scammed of their gear/adena. Right now in 4 different towns there are toons (Aden Server) that are selling Soulstone as D crystals since they look alike. Also either D gems or C gems as stones of purity. I can already hear you saying it, DOUBLE CHECK before you buy. I do it, but i know there are new players that never experienced the L2 scams of the past. If NCSoft really wants to keep those new players and possible revenue from those players. Then they might want to consider changing the look of the items so they dont look alike, or punish the scammers , who in my book are pretty low. Shame they have the thug mentality of taking without earning.

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On 10/14/2018 at 2:49 AM, GrumpyMuppet said:

funny. before the changes i bought my low grade D with vip 0, playing solo. And regardless what some users here say, i was still making adena using SS.


On 10/17/2018 at 12:33 PM, QueenAida said:


the game can not have boxes


1 hour ago, milene said:


step one look item

step 2 mouse  in item

step 3 click for buy

step 4 look adena cost in window trade .

step 5 keep calm ---repetead all steps and buy .

scams off .




1 hour ago, ogfullmelt said:

it's a a no brainer, if you get scammed, well no brainer. 

Yes i know, Like i said DOUBLE CHECK.   It is still my opinion to change items that look the same, i know that cuts into peeps income. Nonetheless simple opinion , simple fix. Takes any moral dilemmas out of the equation. I am still in that % of people that say go out an earn it. get off lazy butt and kill stuff to get your income. At least i did NOT say start making stuff soul bound. Really since it is not a subscription game anymore, then there is no reason to keep current system. It


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Mmmm I am sure they already implemented an automatic system that warns you when you are about to purchase an item that greatly differs from shop prices. If you over ride the warning by checking yes.... I don't know what to tell you lol.  READ!!!!

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24 minutes ago, Aghast said:

Is scamming nasty ? yes, of course

Should it be punishable ? of course not, like with everything else in the game ( and life for that matter ), one must always pay attention.

Seriously... What's next ?  GM holding their hands so the evil permared won't get them ?

Yesterday for example.  I did /findprivatestore "insert item here" and I saw grey out SS for cheaper than market value.  I went ALL OVER IT.  It was a WTB not WTS :P  Yes I did sell my SS.  Who fault was it for not reading/paying attention ?   THE GMs of course !!! ... (I was the d...a....)

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