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Extend the shirt event


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2 hours ago, HandsVSkills said:

Can you extend the shirt event ? The time this event is up is just to little . 

It's up as any other time-limited event we ever had, like Brooch or Cloaks.Also they will bring it back sometime next year for sure.

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you guys are doing it wrong: the other regions have the option to use their existing shiny/physical/magical shirts as upgrade option to a dragon shirt pending on the OE

just wait for the next Dragon shirt run and make it clear that untill NCWest adds this function also in their version you will not invest in such..

to be honest I think NC was being very short shighted by removing it in the first place as it would have encouraged more players to buy packs from L2 store just to get the needed dragon breaths/ upgrade stones & dragon bless enchant scrolls but now the majority of the players with an existing old shirt of +7 or higher just plainly skipped this whole event - me included whereas if I had the option to make my +8 Shiny shirt a Dragon version I would have done so and for sure tried to make it at least +5 aka more sales for NC but as it is meh /failure...


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