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system requirements


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What are game's system requirements in the following circumstances:

1) dimensional server siege of an old pattern (2-3 clans involved, about 100 ppl)

2) graphic quality settings (cosmetics) are low, but drawing distance and numbers displayed are maximal, cloaks are not displayed, in-game audio turned off

3) all ppl are fighting and isses are doing buff

4) ptt software (Ventrilo/ts) is running.

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I mean, I have an old laptop with an Intel core 7 i think and has around 8 gb ram and it works fine. The optimization of this game is really bad so no matter what PC you have - you will nearly anyway get some FPS drops in Aden for example. 

But I've ran the game on low graphics without a problem on a Laptop with Intel 3, 2gb RAM, but I would say 4gb ram is enough, and the gpx doesn't really matter if you just try to play for the game and not graphics:P 

TL:DR the game requirments are LOW

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On 11/18/2018 at 10:04 AM, Aurinya said:


Here are the minimum requirements to play Lineage II.


i dont think those system requirements have been updated in years and i dont think 56k modem will play l2 very well at all maybe for afk town shop. and only 1 gig of ram lol any modern computer bought in last 7 years has better stats then those 


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Yes, it seems no1 cared about the game optimization, since the game engine is rly rly old. Some of the bugs and crashed were getting fixed during the years, but I can tell you that.

Lineage 2 will run okey on any modern gaming PC, even if it is a low budget one.

If you are going to build a PC for L2 and you are in a tight budget, ask the community! I believe there are many Geeks here, who will help you out, IF they know your budget! 


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