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PTS - We need one


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Almost every update/fix implemented has gone wrong, and something is broken.

Already an 'Adena Fix' was implemented, and only found out after testing that it was just a big fail, and back to the drawing board.

What we need is a Public Test Server (PTS) that weekly just clones your live account characters to it, or allows you to just talk to a NPC and set your level for testing purposes.

This way, while you work on a true 'Adena Fix' you can get instant feedback from players and adjust accordingly, same with all other Fixes/Updates that will come down the line.

Just my thought, Bump the post if you agree.


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While I totally support increased testing and player feedback, I fail to see how this would be more effective than releasing "fixes" on classic servers.  In order for a PTS to be effective, players would have to put their main characters on hold and spend time on the PTS in order to give any constructive feedback.  As is stands now, you have all 15k+ players/accounts exploring game content and relaying any concerns to the appropriate entities.  I understand it can seem like a slow process but give the GMs and Dev Team some time to work through the community's suggestions and apply any "fixes" appropriately.

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