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Dim Siege 2/25/2018


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MS sadly getting nowhere fast, even with the help of carpetditos :(


ie: a video of truffle trying to sm warrior it up but his clam sadly is consistently carpetmode

www.nova4life.net :D minimum requirements must be met to be taken seriously upon applying.

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3 hours ago, Quitted said:

No Fooz mate you won only because aizen (i'm the tank factor) wasn't there. So you cheated :D

I've got so much respect for my clanmates to say that I'm the reason things happened because I wasn't present there are many variables that affected the outcome and MS didn't get to where we are because of just few people like Truffle,Zureil or whoever all this accomplishments are made possible by everyone from MS and it's a clan effort and everyone in the clan matters but none of that matters now since this supposedly "lost" is already way behind us, MS has a winning culture we don't sulk about loses we get up and fight back unlike Nova who every time gets wreck in sieges are nowhere to be found for a week while crying in forums how MS only won because of scripts lmao and after last sunday's siege we already forced Nova and FS to stay in town since we aren't allowing them to exp and even if they attempt to leave clan like Foozy's new toon, or some like Kingscoobz we are just pking them on sight :P

On 2/27/2018 at 4:47 AM, Fooz said:

not many words are needed... xD




No wonder I couldn't find Nova in-game they are here bragging about 1 siege.... I was indeed absent on that siege which is a shame but silver lining was after that siege with 1 pt of MS vs 3 pts of Nova and 1 pt of FS we just humiliated the life out of supposedly the top cps of Nova and FS I'm just too lazy to upload the fraps since winning against you guys are pretty normal to me nowadays it's not even worth bragging about lmao I'm more challenged fighting EN in core server >_> See you on this sunday's siege though I'll be there this time don't disappoint :P 

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