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Top Jewel: B Valakas, B Antharas, Linvior, Tauti and Ruler Authority.

Mid Jewel: Frintezza Soul, B Zaken, Octavis Warrior Earling, Creation Ring and Baium.

Low Jewel: Frintezza, Istina Earling, CoC Earling resistence Stun, Ant Queen Soul & Creation Ring

you must keep in mind that APs can put you M def.

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Your main necklace 99% of the time is Item_36257.jpgLilith's Soul Necklace for the Mental Attack which is your most important stat. It's the only necklace giving Mental Attack and Defense. For Olympiad you can use Item_19464.jpgBlessed Valakas' Necklace for the extra damage but only versus certain matchups, as for the Item_37522.jpgFrintezza's Soul Necklace - only versus Tyrrs.


You need 3 earrings, 1 that you will have all the time, and 2 for switch.

  • Item_19463.jpgBlessed Antharas' Earring you should always have it. Gives you a huge defense, and it one of two best earrings ingame for the Mental Attack.
  • Item_36946.jpgLindvior's Earring you will use it for Mass PvP and Olympiad Matches versus people who can jump away effectively
  • Item_45601.jpgSpecial Resistance Earring - Mental Attack This is the second best Mental jewel ingame, you should use it for: some of Olympiad matches, 7v7 PvP versus strong Feoh groups, and casting your hero fear/silence or Augment Fear.


There are a lot of good rings and you need most of them for certain reasons.

  • Item_37521.jpgBaium's Soul Ring for the Mental Attack, I have it on me most of the time
  • Item_35570.jpgTauti's Ring for the PvP Damage Reduction, and some extra damage in Olympiad
  • Item_17623.jpgEarth Wyrm Heart Ring on 7v7 versus groups with 2-3 Feohs to ignore the snares, unless the Feohs deal low damage then:
  • Item_10314.jpgBeleth's Ring on 7v7 and Olympiad for the extra silence power, but I strongly recommend against using it for Mass PvP, because there are better options
  • Item_47216.jpgRuler's Ring of Authority only for Olympiad, mostly against the runners, you should equip it, cast a ranged skill to trigger the paralyze, and switch back to a better ring

Source: Palkah

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the above list Wicked posted is mainly for PVP and based on only 1 type of Tank, the TK, but as that is the current meta default one it makes sense :)

to be clear many of the TK's disables are influenced by Mental Attack - this is not important in PVE as not many mobs will resist those

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On 22/11/2019 at 5:37 PM, goofy1984 said:

what bout for the human tank,s  HK and PK

Most of this post is outdated, game mechanics on crowd control have changed, so unless you focus everything on confusion or strike ( weapon augment, cloak augment)  nothing will change, and still u wont see much debuffs landing since 80% of the time ppl are invulnerable to any debuff.

This is for pvp of course, but pve doesn't change too much because mobs either are immune to certain debuffs or debuffs land 90% of the time even without buffs.

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