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DH CP LF german Iss Hiero


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Hi all,

We (missula,mrmoto,knoxel,chr1sta,belamie and myself) looking for a german player who loves to play ISS Hiero.

You should be min Lv. 103 pvp geard and able to take exalted quest on Lv.104. Our last ISS scamed us so there will be no item trades or help on oly with stuff that you dont have yourself.

Daily playtime we try to comunicate via whatsapp. mostly we start arround 1800-1900 gmt+1.

Contact me in Forum or send me ingame Email to "grambi

Thanks and GL

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Such a joke.. playing with a bunch of people, talking, chatting and having fun together, then a moment comes when you scam them! So retarded! Gratz to him, he won the jackpot of his life ... pathetic!  :( 

GL finding another ISS, hard to find normal people to play with nowadays! :( 



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