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Korean 15th Anni Event details


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18 hours ago, Draecke said:

On the bottom of the first page you linked Korean players could leave a Happy Birthday message, then 150 heroes and heroines from Live and Classic were selected from among the congratulators and got a real-life cake sent to their residential address as given when creating their account.

On the second page there are the details of the 15th Anniversary Gift Pack every player got. In the pack there was Memorial Talisman which increased exp and SP while hunting by 15%, and a 15th Anniversary Memorial Cube you could click 15 times, at most once per day, to obtain a 15th Anniversary Memorial Box, from which you could get with 100% probability 1 Dandy Homerun Ball and 2 Buff Boxes from which you could get 1 or 2 Anniversary Buffs. With a certain probability you could get either 2 Shiny Dragon Exp Potions, 2 Freya's Wind Scrolls, 4 Star Candies or 2 Mini Cakes which give you  for 30 minutes +30% exp/SP plus +30% Vitality Bonus plus +15% P.Atk./P.Def./M.Atk./M.Def.

The third page is about how to use the Anniversary Buff from the Cube. That is a kind of GM-Buff where you could choose the Harmony (Berserker/Magician/Knight). From the Event NPC you could buy daily quests, both for field hunting and in instances (like during the Red Libra event).

Then there is a Magic Number fireworks thing remotely similar to Oriana's Lucky Draw, only that you always get Coins, albeit in a random quantity, for which you could purchase items of your choice (1 day Sayha's Talisman, 1 day Greater Jewel, 7 day Fishing Rod, non-tradeable Blessed Scroll of Resurrection/Escape, a gamble box with good rewards).

There was also  Boss Cake Raid twice per day outside of the North Gate of Aden where you could get, simply for participating, the firecrackers you need to get your Magic Number as well as a Mini Cake. Middle reward given out randomly was a gamble box with Scrolls of Blessing, Agathions etc., and top reward given to the player who did the most hits on the Boss Cake was, depending on the day, a lvl 5 Jewel Box, Talisman Box, Seed Bracelet etc. Hitting the Boss Cake is done with a Magical Book which inflicts randomly 1~6 hits xD

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5 hours ago, NaratyrMizzrym said:

Hey Draecke, I'd like to send you a PM but I cannot, maybe your box is full ?  PM me here on forum please I got something to ask about your transfer to NAIA, thx

just contact me on discord, easier ;)

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