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 With the new update it's currently many times more profitable to solo than to group. The XP in party areas like SOS/Elven doesn't come close to the XP per hour you get soloing in Tanor or Alligator island. And that's not even accounting for the fact that you can solo macro bot 24/7.

There's no point in making parties anymore and you can't find DDs that are willing. Support classes are left to beg for duo groups.

Is this really working as intended? Are we all supposed to solo macro up to 110? That won't work for tanks, healers and isses.

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Hi all,

am i wrong or all this new Hunting grounds are solo areas? so sure a higher lvl area have higher XP reward, all you can do is blame the "PLAYER" for there greed in XP and maybe Adena. If the ppl stop play becouse of that i cant understand it but everyone play there own style nothing to blame someone for. If you find other players with that you can "work/play", why quit?

I totaly get your point and dont like it how it workout for the casual player. I can only blame NC for not raise XP on lower Lv group areas like (sos/elven) maybe this would change the solo hunting focus.

Anyways i think the macro system is fine. i can log my 6 chars and macro at 106 group spots. I like it more :D even if its slower the spots are free.

LvL 105 no exalted char with no vit or XP boost(only XP rose) becouse they not fixed that divine protecrion elexir recipe still do like 1.4Tril Xp per hour (killing 2 spawns).
For me thats totaly ok

maybe try to find players that dont care about top XP and just want to play and farm some at least everyone have hands free to chat now xD

In this update they added dmg spellbook what suprised me to be honest but make the farming back some sense not only the XP and Adena
From my point of view its realy fine to just play Gear / LVL/ Skill up my char's

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after update no need to have party to xp or trying to find ! Supports became uselless trying to find dd for duo or trio xp , atm Solo pve and low xp ! they open server with full of bugs anakim in naia still on still bugged ! after 530 pk you need to restart client cause its not let you pk ! and more other stuff ! they didnt test anything they didnt fix nonthing ! so start the solo Carier from now on

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35 minutes ago, Dawe said:


I guess devs in 2003 didn't count with what is happening here now.

Actually... back on Gustin (I believe, could've been Hindemith) server there was a guy that made so many PK's that his counter reset back to 0. And you needed to 65,535 pk's do make that happen. This was fixed/changed a few years ago when they also made it able to have more than 2,3b adena in inventory.

But indeed, going to a party zone like SoS/Elven is pointless. Even in trio the exp in Alligator/Tanor is superior to SoS/Elven. I have the feeling the exp has been adjusted because other regions do have bigger pull ranges, unlike our exclusive NCWest setting of unable to pull mobs more than 1200 range out of their spawn location (which also ruins solo exp in spots like Enchanted Valley, Field of Silence)

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