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What about 3 client limit?

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I tested it. You can run more than 3 clients right now. But what DuDu said is true as well. On discord Juji said they are fixing it back to 3 clients.

So.... if you want to level up extra accounts might as well do it now while you have the chance :D

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Honestly I like that it's removed, keep it how it is now everyone loves it, run as much as your pc can take, Just earns NCsoft more $$ in the long run. And best of all it lvls the playing fields with the big bot clans and the RMT so now any group can contend and survive. Unless your in a big adrenaline bot clan or a RMT then it's prob annoying as fk that people are competing finally. But rest at ease your paid for software is far better and can be mapped, multi macroed. NCsofts is like baby botting for beginners.  But hopefully it gets an upgrade and puts adrenaline out of business. 

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It's already been stated it is a known bug players can log more than 1 client per computer by NCSoft, and they plan to fix it.
(Was posted like the day after maintenance that bugged the limit.)

IMHO: Keep it, let there be server queues again, it'll get more Ncoin for NCSoft for more running VIP, queues or not. 

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On 2019. 05. 29. at 11:33 AM, RandomDisplayName said:

Don't expect return of this limit. They're removing it for the live servers as well with today's maintenance.

Any news about this? I think one can still log in more than 3.

It would be nice to see some official statement if this is a bannable offense or free for all.

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Client limit removed so the "good players" (aka Whales) can box all much as they want and grab all the event goodies plus their hundreds of bots generating adena and gear all over the Kingdom of Aden.

This server is meant and tailored perfectly for Whales.

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12 hours ago, ffe said:

it will be back if they can manage to get new anti-bot system unlike useless xigncode

for now enjoy it while it lasts 

Are they actually working to get a good antibot system, or this is a wish from you?

I thought this got disabled because of the "who-cares-anyway" type of attitude.

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