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Fafurion Bug Status


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@Juji @Hime

With the Fafurion Supplemental Update, are the bugs from the Fafurion patch fixed?

  • Is the option to Etina Solo restored as it should and we can always enter it? Not like a weekly event and gamble to see if Dev Team enable it this week or not?
  • Is the aggro range on Field of Silence and Field of Whispers fixed?

Or we still have these bugs and you now just forget about them?

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4 hours ago, Draecke said:

how you mean agro range on Field of Silence & Whispers ? those are solo/duo areas and not meant for aoe pulls and as such works fine atm ?

Mobs return to their spawn location when even getting out of 400 of their spawn range. A tank with just hate aggro on pulls mobs out of their spots and never can be killed due to the spawn/range protection. While I am on Feoh and my Destruction hits a mob on far end of the skills range, mobs will come to me and they're unable to be killed until they return to their location. It's one big shit show.

The point is more, did Juji and Hime completely abandon the known bugs from Fafurion and hope nobody remembers stuff was bugged or did this patch all old bugs and they just forget to mention them in the notes?

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