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84 - 85 is bugged


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3 hours ago, Fearakos said:

As l2wiki said and you fix it all levels until 84 are ok  . After than 84-85 l2wiki said 650b and we need 1.35 trillion . Check it please

Hi Fearakos,

l2wiki isn't a Lineage 2 official website and we cannot guarantee their content's accuracy.

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Lol, Gludio server is SO dead that your top 3 levels is 84 (nice bot), 83 and then 80? And you guys barely have 30 80s...sad. Even heroes are so dead that you got 30 heroes and 3-4 of them are 2nd class...and giran is almost empty. I thought Giran was dead but Gludio is way worst. 

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