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Players can evaluate each other and give recommends, target a player, open the command tab and find the thumbs up command /evaluate, when you press it you will recommend the target you have so if he is 00/44 as you now he will get 1/44, if you have many recommends your nick name will turn blue

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7 hours ago, degamad said:

Ok thank you for the answer. so are recommendations anonymous? is there a way to return the favor? i feel like there are 44 people out there that think i ignored their goodwill.

also how many does it take to get a blue name?

if you have 0/44 recommends then nobody has recommended you, you are earning recommend points... you get a certain amount of points to use on other players when you log in, and continue to earn more as you stay logged-in.


When you've received about 100 recommendations your name will start to change to light blue, if you have 255/xx that is maximum recieved recommendations(from other players) that is the darkest blue

your received recommendations are depleted by 5 everyday... so you need to refill regularly or you lose blue color.

7 hours ago, Diver said:

If you have full recomend and you PK someone you will not get karma. 

Free PKs are for if you have +rep(green name) when you PK... rep becomes 0 name is changed to white/blue and next PK will give -rep +PK etc.

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I PK for fun in the high traffic areas when i get bored. most are against sleeping macro people. but i only stay red till i kill a monster. so im not sure what people are talking about by reputation. i also noticed if someone fights me it shows pvp instead of PK.

Othel seems fun for this.

pvp/pk  1/6  example.


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