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What is with turning a blind eye to bots from NC?

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Seriously, I'd like a GM response to this. Why is nothing done about bots? They're so incredibly obvious and any time a topic is brought up about it on forums you ignore it.

I'm not talking about players, I couldn't care less about then if they want to use a program or a macro, makes no difference. I'm talking about the literal hundreds of the Elven Summoner plague! It's right in your faces, there's no way you can't see it. Just TP to Ruins of Agony or Enchanted Valley, it's impossible to find any spot to level. I took a new toon to ROA and the bots came on a PK to kill me, just to reclaim it. It's obscene. 

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They only care or try to communicate with the community when they think their jobs might be in trouble. Notice how they actually did their jobs for once when people were leaving game over the macro loop removal. Then we all kneel and kiss their feet because they put forth a minimal amount of effort for once...

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To me its clear like a cristal

one small company sayng in all tonws they sell adena... its for all eyes see it...

the impossible up in ruins of agony with absolutly ALL SPOTS taking by elven summoners bots...

so many topics of players sayng the absolutly same thing...

or the gms dont play the game or just dont care...

1+1 equals?


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