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Farm adena easy 5 bi to 12 bi adena.

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Farm adena easy.  kill the mobs called nerva orc merchant, in crossroad raiders, teleport to gainak and look at the map.  the mobs stay in a cabin, their respawn is 5 to 10 min.  there are 5 to 10 mobs.  drop of adena without prestige pack is from 5kk to 10kk.  WITH PRESTIGE PACK IS FROM 20KK TO 40KK per mob.  Total per hour = 400 to 500kk.  per day from 5 billion to 12 billion of adena.  per month 150 bi to 360 bi of adena.  farm easy and buy your dream teams.  at the entrance there is an npc that teleports straight to the nerva orc merchant.  but you can use my teleport in each mob.  it gets easier.


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I have been playing since 2016 and I don’t have 150 billion adena in items I buy Ncoin almost every month.
I try my luck and win nothing. Seeing that and discouraging.
Everything I try to fail, break or win cheap items and the guy there doing it all adena.
I would like an answer.

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Hi everyone,

We will unfortunately have to lock this thread, as it generated several Name Shaming infractions already.

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