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1 hour ago, MrE said:

I think they do it and hope we dont notice they actually DECREASED the xp and adena from before the event. 

Diversion move, but as soon the event its gone, the reality will come and ppl will start to realize.

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the problem of the exp is they add so many boost u can go like 1400% ... so is totally madnes somone who cant cost it vs one who used all 100% of time.
they should go max 100%+-

cos when they put exp event of base is not just 100% exp is 100% x 1400%... extra in the best of cases.

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5 hours ago, Nawdur said:

insist 1400% is too much.. max had to be 100%-200% (x2 or x3.... sound fair.. x14 is madness)


This combined with the mad gear of the top 0.5% results in lv116 players, while the majority is around lv110.

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