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Will we have event so we can change main class because am done play feoh with 33% crit rate and low damage, I have +30% pve dmg rune + cloak passive and my dmg is so low for feo + in pvp archer is better. 30%pve dmg + 4kk wizard can't deal normal dmg,&&&??? Why tyrrss archer's daggers can, but not feoh how much i need dmg?? 10kk? more  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRKAiKdOszE&feature=youtu.be Yesterday i did 6kk and i don't know what to do with that dmg

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C'mon, there are all about gear.

Mages have good dps and less expensive than other dd in aoe-pve. Just boost up your attribute. My mage have less gear than my archer(I don't share) and it's able to farm storm isle and iop on 107 even without cloack(they are expensive with no point) and low-enchanted krishna. An archer with the same level and more boost is unable to farm these locations effectively. It require +$2-3k more to do the same as mage.

From video:

1. 106 archer is unable stay in there alone..

2. wrong attribute weapon, high level mobs/weak skill power. 

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