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Make the game better


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Hi all,

I started playing here because it supposed to be an Official Classic server. It started good but now is jus the live with lower rates, just pay to win custom items.

Developers dont do nothing to make the game playable from all people. They ruin the economy with simple changes. 

Things that must be changed in my opinion are theese:

1. Make the mobs drop money so people can afford the soulshots and spirit ores they need to play

2. Make the farm areas correct to the levels and open the whole map, whats the reason to make toi hight lvl area and did not open mos?

3. Fix stupid pk. Pk is a part of the game i agree with that but the pker should drop items ,low stats etc

4. We need instances so we have something to do in game solo and party instances

5. Fix the crafting system. Dwarfs are useless now spoilers dont exist cause mobs have no spoil and even some mobs have something the matterials not worth anything. You cant even sell them to the shop and make some adenas to play the game

6. Why at the element ares mobs are not droping anything? you change the attribute system and ruin half of the map of the game

7. There is almost a year now we talked about warcryers and overlords attribute attack power and never fixed

8. Why is only 1 castle open? When the other castles gonna be available? Where are the additional stats you get from the castle?

9. What about fortreses? There are additional stats there too plus epauletes to enchant your skills

10. Where are the subclasses? and if there are no subclasses why dont we have the ability to change our char into something else?

11. Where is noblesse?

12. Why  most of items are bound to the char and you cant even share them to the account?

Theese are some of my thoughts and questions.If you want to add something else fell free to do it


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13. Skill development halts at 84 level with exception of Passives (Weapon mastery and armor mastery only) that halts at 85 level

14. Gear development (Normal gear) stops at "old" revamped S grade made for 76 play-through and it only develops with low over enchanting rates

15. Game starts to get repetitive when you go closer and closer to maximum level (its impossible to actively exp after 81 - 83 level without autohunting and grinding for weeks), we need subclass to brake the dullness (with the certification skills to make it more interesting)

Just a few bits to add here, as he almost covered everything


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D00vari, it's a waste of breath. This server is no better than illegal ones, especially in the management department.

It is completely abandoned and nobody is doing anything to make it better or to balance it. Everybody knows what to do to make this game better, but nobody cares.

Im actually very disappointed with myself, because with the amount of money I invested in this, I could be one of those invincible players you see on various l2j.

I'm just hoping that my personal addiction to being stupid and play this game will come to an end soon.

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Definately agree with you @d00vari this game is missing so many things and has lost the developer's attention , it's just following the patches of the korean server without taking into account the reality of the server. 

Dying server with 100 people playing on it , half of them are farmers and half are whales. Few people here are enjoying the game just because they are geared up as hell.

Game should be same for spenders and non-spenders, eventualy everyone should be able to obtain the items in the game

Let me add this one to your post ; No item in the game should be a premium only. spenders should get easier and faster access to those items.

Make daily instances that have mobs that drop enchanting items or components of the once premium items , so people can hope to get them. I woulnd't mind if i had to farm 1 month to make the new attack pendant . But spending 1k dollars/euros or any other currency to obtain it , well no way sir.

My suggestion when it comes to monetising the game is an optional subscription with weekly gift boxes with soulshots and some consumables. NcShop should be only for xp/sp packs and cosmetics. And by the way don't tell me you got cosmetics there already because agathions there a crap". Cosmetic suggestion. Change aura of the weapon , looks of the cloaks , looks of the mount , Use a system that was introduced in other MMO's that can change the appearance of certain items. If you make a good job people are gonna buy them. Don't expect to throw a bunch of nonsense items in there with no effort whatsoever and expect people to give hard earned money for low effort content

sorry for some inconsistencies here and there i had some additions here and there. 

With all due respect you are not an indie company and you have huge potential , make the Lineage community proud for once  

@Juji I still remeber the day you had the classic stream announcement "No pvp damage from vip" , "Only cosmetics and xp/sp" . 

We were betryed but we still believe.

-"What are you doing there kosta"

-"I am warming your lunch"

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We are tired to pay you and to do not get anything back.We cant PVE,we cant PVP.The only thing that we are getting is Pay2win events and none fix !

You get our money but you dont work to open the map,and to balance the classes.As i alway say to my beloved m8s .THE BASICS.

@Juji @Hime

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Enough is enough NCsoft/NCwest, fix the server no more p2w items, we need more areas to farm... all the existing areas are capped by farmers/botters, you force players to buy p2w items or use bot for been able to play at End Game areas,

YOU PROMISE no p2w items at the announcement of the classic server

YOU PROMISE ballance to the classes

 YOU PROMISE support

 YOU PROMISE to listen to the feedbacks of the people (cause YOU HAVE to do it if you want a healthy game, and believe me your are not listening to anyone),

instead of all this we get from you more and more p2w event that make the "real money spenders" unbeatble in everyway (pve-pvp),

you destroy olympiads and now the only thing that matters is those who spend real money cause they are like heros in the game... they walk and trolling inside whole banch of players like nothing happens...

you destroy pvp, you deactivate all the other Castles except Giran ( propably you knew about the upcoming player QUITS  that YOUR behavior caused, so why let few ppl split to casltes??? that saws an empty server, A DEAD server!!!)

L2 store should be only for XP-SP boosts and cosmetics like IT WAS at the beginning of the server!!!

THE GOD DAMNED GAMES should have the "pay to progress faster" Character not P2W whoever is not giving EUROS-DOLLARS etc etc... WE DIDENT say to you "DONT earn money from your game..." you have to pay the people that works for you, and this is fully understandable and acceptable, we are not brainless trashes like you think we are!!!

You gave us once a Baium talisman and some boost events and what? you done with support and balancing????? 

Pull your selfs together, wake up and listen to your POOR (after all this money draining) players!!!

THIS IS NOT Lineage 2 Classic.... Lets be honest this is not even close to what we knew about lineage2....

F I X   T H E   S E R V E R


@Hime  @Juji

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What a good post. I’m completely agree. 
ncsoft is time to put ur hands and work. We NEED many changes, subclasses, nobles, fortress, castles, new maps,  new farming zones 80 plus play able no like TOI you need like 5k usd on gear to play in Toi. 
so @Jujiis time to listen the people. WE NEED CHANGES!

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  • 2 weeks later...

it's a shame...

What can I say besides what has already been said?

Posts like this should have more attention ... more impact, more players supporting ... NCsoft or companies of this size do not change course if they are not forced.
We have to have more players united, demanding changes and stop buying coins. Let the sale of coins fall to see if they don't move ....

Anyway, as I said, it's a shame

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