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Most Beautiful Bow  

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  1. 1. Which Is The Most Beautiful Bow

    • Draconic Bow
    • Vesper Bow
    • Dynasty Bow

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21 hours ago, Slycutter said:

What about the Skull Cranium bow it was hard to get but looked amazing FYI I have every bow ever in the game r110 and bekow.


16 hours ago, iHyperlite said:

Skull Carniun is best, wtf is this list? 

Skull Cranium? Really?  It was nice and hard to get, but it was small, soul bow looked better,  a big bow lookes better on a character , Reinforced Longbow  had also a nice balancing effect when used and looked good with d grade armor,bow of Peril also looked good with doom armor. 

Different looking armor of the same grade for diferent classes was also a nice touch of the game.

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12 hours ago, Slycutter said:

Its not realistic or make any sense when the bow bigger than the toon (dwarfs excluded) lol

Soul bow was actually hideous i thought; I stuck with my carnage bow for its speed and it crit bleed augment and OE to +12 back then which was rare lol

Yes 😂 dwarfs with bow is funny, but you know in the past in Japan they used  realy big bows , so it is realistic.

Yes I also did not like soul bow but it looked good with majestic armor ,  skull was nice but not the best.

Carange bow was nice also, and a +12 was almost imposibil to make, the best  bow was the one that you can put a good SA on it, they had diferent SA, so chooseing the bow depend on the SA options. 

My first character on L2 was a archer, and it was amazing, with time I changed to dagger and keeped it to this day.


Used by Samurai, Onna-musha, Kyudo practitioners
Production history
Produced Since 3rd century (the asymmetrical yumi)[1]
Variants Hankyū
Mass 12–16 kg (26–35 lb)
Length Bow length: 212–245 cm 
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I called my carnage bow a tank killer back then nothing was worse than a DOT that cause HP drain through their PDEF that most healers were not set to cure during a siege.  Help in parties not so much in solo since you one - two shot most things if you were hunting in the appropriate places.  I skipped soul bow and went drac after carnage.  I have clean one in my inventory as a part of personal collection but never used it.

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