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There's a lot of abandonned areas in game, make then great again!

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There's a lot of old leveling areas in game that are abandonned, some of this areas u guys remove from GK, but they are still there.
Please, put monster's/drops on that areas, u don't even need to make new monster skins, just rise the regular monsters levels. 
The game has one of the biggest maps in mmo history, and we only see few areas... why? 
Don't waste all this content, all the lore the game has, bring old places back, this helps do disperse some party macros too.
Areas like monastery, robot laboratory, valley of saints, cursed village, hot springs, crypt of dis etc etc.

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Why do you need more 105-110 areas there are plenty and half are empty except during an xp event. If  by now you are not over 110 and its your main then there is something wrong especially since the last boost from NCSOFT gave full vit to any toon under 111 for 4 weeks.

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