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Current Love Event....


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So, when you open the lineage2.com page you r presented with a nice piece of news I guess, the following,


Love Comes to Lineage

Collect Love Boxes to celebrate your valentine L2 style!


Key word ''COLLECT''.(when you hit the button to open it Celebrate now btw it says Page not found)


We then have the casino event with the boxes available to buy through the L2store for 80ncoin each(W T F to that but lets move on) which says the following,


Purchase boxes of love for adoring gifts with our Valentine’s Day Promo!


Key word ''Purchase''. Then you open the webpage of the corresponding event and everything is explained in regards to the event/gambling. I was surprised to see the Real Attack Cookies were NOT tradable AFTER I opened the boxes but lets move on.

Then you have this, Real Attack Cookies obtained from the box can be used with the special crafting system for additional rewards, which is kinda neat I guess when you read about it but then you go to the crafting system in game and see that the odds of a succesfull craft is 10% for an Accessory Coupon, 5% for Sayha's Talisman Lv. 9, 5% for Advanced Talisman of Protection Stage 1 and 5% for Talisman - Seven Signs, which taking into account that the ingredients to craft them are not tradable is beyond ridiculous.


Now, judging by my two statements(well your statements really,  I am just stating them again), were we supposed to get Love Boxes as a drop from mobs as a free event(judging by the 1st statement with the key word COLLECT) and have the option to buy them through the l2store as well? Cause judging by the craft system that would make more sense!!


Any1 else sees the problem with this? @Juji@Arctic@EMpulse





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Doubt it. Paid and free events don't cross over. This is just a terrible event, you either gamble at NCSofts terrible odds by opening loot boxes, or you attempt to get an item (Keep in mind the jewels are NOT tradeable, nor can you crush them for god jewels)  the cost of which is hidden behind multiple exchanges. To make people buy " a few more boxes" to attempt the craft. That is obscure mobile game levels of predatory


If the cookie drop rate was 20% (it isn't, it's lower but to simplify) you need close to 1000 love boxes to get the cookies necessary to attempt to craft 1 exchange coupon, with a 10% chance of success. 1000 love boxes cost 80,000 Ncoin. 1000 dollars/euro depending on what currency you use. For a 10% chance to get a NON TRADEABLE jewel. You can literally buy a lifetime supply of the 30 day epic jewel pack for less money.

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this sale is a copy past from Korea w/o some korean items ;) 

there, you get cookies directly as shop items and for cheap and use them to craft => you buy a lot to get the items you want :) 

That's why rate are such low ;) 

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@Juji just get einhassad store already as the Real Attack Cookies never were supposed to be part of loot boxes or failing that make such items tradeable

right now I call this store promo a failure as for the low odds on most stuff worth having it's not smart to waste any money on it, really a pity as I would have bought enough Real Attack Cookies with ncoins / einhassad coins to use 24/7 till expiration date

lost business opportunity!

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