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NC Soft West is not adhering to own Written rules


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My daughter and I play lineage 2 together. When she asked to restore a +7 Fallen Angels ring she was denied because we play from the same IP, even though the rules specifically state 

  • Each NCSOFT account is granted 3 Lineage II restoration tokens twice per calendar year (3 tokens on January 1st, and 3 tokens on July 1st). These tokens do not carry over. When you receive your new tokens, all unused tokens are removed from your account. Tokens can be used for any request falling into the below restoration categories.

No where in any of the rules does it say the restoration tokens are locked to a specific IP. How does this work if you play in an internet cafe? or you have roomates or your family plays the same game? This is the rule set, and if the players broke the rules they would throw a fit, yet NC Soft West response was the following"

NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/transferred in the past.

So NC Soft West now can just decide to not adhere to their own rules and cost players real money... this isn't a "game" anymore where you just farm items, everything in the game costs REAL MONEY.  

I understand the need to prevent items from being manipulated like the Shilen 10 issue, but this is a new item, never restored on a seperate account, 100% within the rules documented by NC Soft. This is not ok. 



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A further caveat, we are charged for multiple prestige runes to denote seperate accounts and separate characters.  If you are going to make decisions based on IP addresses, then it should follow we as customers should only pay for one Prestige and one Dynasty pack, and that should cover all characters played from a single IP address. 

If your decision holds true that items and restoration tokens are IP locked as all accounts played form the same IP are "the same", then the same should hold true for all items, runes and everything else extra we purchase while playing this game. 

Please kindly ensure that all future Prestige packs and Dynasty packs work for ALL accounts associated with the address for ALL players.. as that seems to be "fair" for you when you count restoration tokens, it should hold true for all accounts. 

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