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How to play in MAC?


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I tried to play on a MAC using a virtual machine software and I could't play, the software crashed every few minutes, it was slow motion sometimes and the camera was a pain.

The only way I succeeded to play on a MAC was using a built in software called boot camp. This software allows you to install a second operating system like Windows to your MAC, and when you start up the computer you can select the one you want to start with. 

It worked for me, but I only used it for a month.

Some things to consider before you try anything:

The boot camp method is reversible, if it doesn't work for you, you can "roll back" to not having 2 operating systems. Also, there is a setting somewhere that allowed me to start up with MAC OS by default and select the other one only when I needed by pressing a key during start up.

A virtual machine software runs the second operating system along with the original, you have to assign hardware resources to the virtual machine and those will not be available for the main system. Because virtual machines can run several operating systems at the same time, they are hardware demanding.

The boot camp method only uses 1 of the operating systems at the time, if you want to switch back to MAC OS you have to restart and select that one on start up.

In any case, you may need a windows license.

I hope this helps point in the right direction, there are good step by step guides online for this.

Have a great day.

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I'm playing on a mac pro 2012 with mojave by parallels running win10. 

I already managed to log two box

It works perfectly without any problem.
Including the XIGNCODE3 ok 100%.

Just remember to change the VM configuration from office to games
(parallels has an exclusive menu for this)


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Imo best way to play on mac is using VMWare, it allow you to create a virtual machine but using power of graphic card, memory of it and 3D acceleration. You can manage amount of ram you want, how many core used for this... After, depend of your setup, without SSD, 4go and 3 cores allowed to VM it will be laggy af. 

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