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Class Ertheia

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1 minute ago, JuanManuel said:

At first, really excuse me about my bad english... I will try my better!.

There isnt a SubForum to Ertheia class, I wanna know if somebody have some good Guide about that. I would like to know more.

Thank you!.

That Race is not included in the Classic server as it will contain the original 5 races. 

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I'm not against the idea of bringing new classes to the classic if they were rebalanced to fit the classic experience and its metagame, that would be really nice but it would take some effort from the devs to make it work, although the classic doesn't necessarily needs them, but hey, more content more fun (if well designed).

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14 minutes ago, Mikeha said:

Please add Soul Hound class. 

Kamaels as well as ertheias will prolly be added much later in the game ... They both are Lineage II races, so, classic as it is now, is incomplete .. 

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