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Let's get creative & solve the queue problem


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@Hime @Juji This topic is intended for people to post their ideas on how to solve the queue problem.  Please don't post that there is a problem, how long you had to wait, or how many people are in the queue.  There are other places to do that.  This topic is for SOLUTIONS only.  Hime and Juji, please take these ideas, and whatever you have of your own and make it happen.

Sadly, there may be no easy fix. It is possible that their hardware or software cannot support either expanded capacity or an additional server.  If they can support those, they obviously should do so.  Expand the capacity and add a new server with something like GMT-3.

If they cannot do that, there are less effective but helpful things they can do.  

1. Allow immediate transfers of all characters in an account and VIP status to Aden.  

2. Restart the servers twice a day.  I don't agree with disabling game functions, like fishing or private stores.  But it is not too much to ask the afk players to log back in twice a day.  Besides, it would give all those currently stuck in queue a chance to log in before the server fills back up.

3. Temporarily suspend the attendance event.  It's a good event (though the awards are a real disappointment) but it requires people to log on and stay on for at least half an hour, whether they want to do anything or not.  This leads to tons of characters just standing around taking up a slot on the server.  Continue the event when the congestion is relieved.

4. Establish an auction house.  Until the congestion is relieved, charge no commission for its use.  This would eliminate a least a few of the private stores.

Let's get creative.  What other ideas do people have?

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I think the best way for now, it might be restarting the server once per day. They could have changed that before by allowing 2 boxes per PC or not adding at all these VIP and other staff in shop and being oldschool, 10$-15$ per month even if I have VIP i'm saying that.

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I think active ingame ( invisible would work ) mods wouldnt be to bad, so they can sweep the obvious adena sellers and such - kinda go heads on problems. ( I know visible would prolly get swamped by PMs etc ).

Honestly I would like if boxing wasnt allowed, cause its both is imo cheating and making problems. It is basically one person who takes up multiple spots ( mostly for free what I can understand ). Or atleast limit it more, i mean its a MMO not a single player game. If everyone go fetch their own character for whatever needs they have, there is no need for teamwork. 

Otherwise I dont know what more one could do, I dont even know whats true about VIP anymore. cause I hear VIP people having issues with getting stuck in thee queue now ( could be ppl that didnt read about spending NCoins ingame as well but i have no clue how to be sure. forum rumors ) 

As is now, people are afraid of logging out and that slows down the servers even more. Only alternative i can see is opening up another simillar server and allow transfers ( or just another server i guess ). I can understand the issue of letting more ppl in on a server designed for a certain amount of people ( hard to get specific mobs, crowds etc ). 

But yeah, we need more creative topics like that so , good work on that Lawman

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5 minutes ago, Krissa said:

I have a perfect solution to the queue problem: make the game pay to play.

I wouldnt mind tbh, would be easier in so many ways. But I think that era is long gone, only one i know of doing this still successfully is WoW. 

But i think thats cause they have alot of instant gratification so they swoop new and old players quick, and tbh, i dont like that myself xP 

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