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Get rid of adena scammers

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It is really annoying. I've left game while it was loading to get cup of coffee. I've returned in a minute or two and chat was filled with spam. It's just obvious that these scammers are using bot programs, since normal human cant copy your nickname and fill your pm with spam in 1-2 seconds. On non-classical server you were unable to use chat before lvl75, if I remember correct. Why not implement similar thing here, on classic? Not with lvl 75, since leveling here is slow af, but as example - you cant pm before 20 and use chat before 15. 

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Adena SELLERS not scammers. They are not scamming anyone.

But yeah, it would be easy for 1 GM to simply log in for 10 minutes, go to every major town's GK and wait for spam, and insta ban. Now those sellers have to wait in 2k queue to get back in to spam again. Doing so every other hour shouldn't be so hard. Unless they are doing so already, then props to them

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