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Are Crafters and Spoilers useful and needed?


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People who played old L2 tend to say that Dwarves are rich. As lvl 28 Scavanger in L2 Classic, i don't really see it yet. Spoil skill seems to be broken or something and it gives positive result only maybe 10% of the times you use it on a mob. So far, super underwhelming class. I don't really see where it could be useful.

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All know that spoilers are not useful as drops and spoils are hardly nerfed.

Crafters are occasionally needed only on top R grade items.

For the rest we have L2 Store with paulina packs and similar.

For crafting mats we have L2 Store with various boxes containing all necessary to craft and gamble ( depend on recipe from 100%, 60% to only 5% success for some items)

Additionally we have often so called promo sales and events where you gamble a lot and obtain as reward also crafting mats.

L2 is fee to play so operational costs, wages and profits NC get trough Store sales where addicted gamblers and pay to win heroes purchase a lot.

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I have friends having crafters and spoilers.

If you are planning to make crafter or chronos naia it seems it is not worth it now, there are many already sitting and providing artisan services in Aden. The time investment for xping, gearing, buying and registering the Recs seems huge, how much time is needed so you can make profit, so not sure about that.

Spoilers on the other hand still can make some money, depends of the lvl/gear and your goals. If you plan on playing spoiler as main class, It should be fun, if you have the proper equipment and friends to play with.

My advice is - do more research, watch more videos on the web, wait for more opinions, most important is to have fun :D  

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Basically the only reason you would want your own crafter/spoiler is for your own and only your own purposes. 
As Argus stated above, there are still plenty of dwarfs sitting in Aden providing their services. 

I only had one craft, not a spoiler, but at that point, a few years back the Dwarves had the best LUC I think? Now with all of the Exalted books and etc you can easily surpass the Dwarves with your ertheia classes as well with some good LUC dyes. 
My only point at that time was of enchanting with my dorfie^_^ 

And for some fun you can as well go check my Youtube channel where I did some Enchanting, so you can maybe take inspiration or something. 

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