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Purpose of Xigncode?


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as it is possible that the useless program is of the xigncode3 (supposed antibot) prohibits you from executing innova (core) accounts and I recognize it as a malicious program ... seriously worse and worse, do something valid for the people who enjoy the game and do not of a dictatorship, because you can not prohibit my computer from running 10 different servers if they are not yours, each time your service gets worse.

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On 11/3/2018 at 12:32 PM, Hank said:

Before Xingcode implemented there was bot's and cheaters.

After with Xingcode situation same maybe even more worst.

Activity of Chronos and Naia every day decrease. Any solution? Maybe START to ban?

Juji say us what is purpose? Or it was just to make slowly loging/can't log at all? When i will get my money back for losed VIP days? Or you steal our $? Main job thieves...

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