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  1. Nc Must think on event to get Back who quit The game , and think on something real good for ego still plays, if The politics of this fantastic events continue i guess server Will dead !
  2. Cant log any of my accounts.. have 3 dds with prestige and lossing adena over 12 hours. The problem is when i agrre to log in The screen does not go to the next screen that is The one that we choose The toon that we want to log. I have 3 pcs, and same problem on The 3 machines. Already restored router to fac defaults and Notting.. dont know what to do ! Just loossing adena !
  3. Well, With This update one of The olny way that i could farm “some” adena was selling rune, stones.. i think its not wurth doing bailok anymore, rune stone is going for 30kk, and i think The price Will keep geting cheaper. Nc soft on The best way They know ! Nerf powa ! Nerf adena, nerf drop. Nc just want like we say in portuguese “Venha a nós o vosso reino” ! Its like “give me all your cash/invest all your cash !
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