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  1. Welcome! We could all do with a little more Sunshine. Looking forward to hearing more about Aden.
  2. I leave clan chat up and come back 10 minutes later only to have to scroll far up the screen, missing some of the chat, because the powers that be feel it's more important for me to see heroes cussing each other out and adena seller spam (I allow pm's in clan chat). I'd prefer to have the option to NOT have hero chat clutter up my clan/ally chat and perhaps an option to only see pm's from friends, allies or people on my contact list while in clan chat. What happened to the hero tab where I could just flip on over if I felt the need to catch up on what they're saying?
  3. This annoys and amuses me at the same time. (can't get in either)
  4. Still only getting 25 clan rep as opposed to the 250 reflected in the patch notes. The same for honey dark beer, emperor's special cocktail, etc. At least that what it shows under the Clan Quest Event tab.
  5. Pretty sure only one person in this thread referred to it as "spam". The problem is if you're in a clan, alliance or party where keeping up chat matters and is flooded with hero chat, it's a pain... especially now that we're no longer allowed to filter it out. I say again, force it in General Chat... even Trade, but let us have our hero-free tabs. It's sad because I used to tune in on hero chat now and then, but now I've been forced to block them altogether just to keep up with friends and allies.
  6. The bows are one thing, but to forcibly subject people to hero chat... not allowing players to filter it out of their ally/clan/party channels is a bad, unilateral decision on the part of the devs. Everyone I hear from in the game says they're blocking every hero as they speak just so they can see the game chat (ally/clan/party) that's important to them. It doesn't make sense why you wouldn't just force hero chat it in the General tab, but allow the filter in places where immediate communication is key to effective game play and socializing? Too bad we don't have someone who can speak
  7. A week later and it's still there. It's drowning out all other chats and is annoying as hell. I'd be curious to hear the convo the devs had when they decided to force hero chat on the rest of the community. Something like "If this doesn't get rid of the remaining loyal players, I don't know what will". Seriously, force it in general chat... but at least allow us to turn it off in ally, clan and party chat.
  8. Yeah. What they said. Hopefully we won't have to wait until next week's maintenance.
  9. It's not just about party efficiency. Sometimes it's a PITB when a group of us want to go out but there isn't room for everyone in one party, and not enough people to make a second. It'd be great if the party benefits were a little higher for less people.
  10. I used Piriform's "Recuva" program to retrieve the deleted screenshots. Piriform is the same company that puts out Ccleaner so if you're familiar with that, then you know they're decent. I used the free version of Recuva. Good luck, I hope this works for you.
  11. The launcher is working fine here. Would liked to have known that it was going to delete my screenshots, but apart from that I'm moving on. I used Piriform's "Recuva" program (free version) to retrieve the deleted screenshots. I hope this works for others.
  12. Maybe start your own threat? This one's about the currently bugged quest... Luck Befitting of the Status / Lady's Ornamental Dagger
  13. They just announced that the emergency maintenance will start exactly 2 hours from now and will address several backend issues. Hopefully it'll have the side effect of fixing this quest too.
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