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  1. Skill Visual Upgrade

    Soon™ https://mmoculture.com/2019/11/lineage-ii-remastered-work-begins-on-unreal-engine-4-renewal-project/
  2. Same here, with P. critical damage, sent u a pm
  3. The Spoil Rate highly reduced

    @Feryl Can you say your opinion? since you tested them all, in relation to pve, pros and cons of GH, WR, FS. ty
  4. Lag.....is back!

    Latency issues are back, stop ignoring us
  5. lag again?

    Lag is back, I'm getting half the xp / hour compared to what I used to get before this.
  6. Main - Dual exchange service

    Ranks coming next week. "Ranks are calculated according to server by race, class, and main class level." https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-preview
  7. Main - Dual exchange service

    +1 I would definitely pay for this service.