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  1. Some know very well that some software can program what we want to do with (scripts) so it's not impossible, in computer science almost everything is possible. The problem is that it has a cost to reinforce the security, and NC soft is well aware of all this, there will always be flaws.
  2. The Gms have confirmed the correctness of what i wrote in my ticket exactly as i wrote it to you here, it's just a pleonasm (like saying ascend on high or go down at the bottom), if you know what i mean ,obviously that if the restorable items only once, by force of circumstances, they will not benefit from the tokens reset, so reset tokens or even with tokens. Always ask to NC soft if your items is eligible for restoration.
  3. The PPl are informed of the procedure to be followed for the restoration of items in your policy of restoration, we have the list of non-restorable items, so you must also mention the items eligible once only as for the Fallen Angel's Ring in your policy restoration, it will be more honest. Which means : some items don't benefit from the tokens reset in January and July , and some items are eligible for the restoration only one times. This is based on facts
  4. GZ ! Money, Money, Money, Must Be Funny ... In A Rich Man’s World
  5. Customers were surveyed at the time to find out their expectations, and indeed the majority wanted big changes, they got them, but the inequalities were not created by the players, but the ppl have contributed, if a company can have a profit with clients who can put a lot of money, why would she deprive herself of it, and it's the policy of NC West. Boycotted let's admit even if i know that even for the richest they know it's expensive, will you prevent them from buying when their means are greater than yours, and there is no equality in this world and over nothing. I m sorry !
  6. NC soft wants equity but between large wallet. The interaction of GMs with the players remains poor and it's good to recall the nostalgia of the old ones, which remains present, and which without them L2 wouldn't have evolved. The inequalities were less and a very present proximity to GMs, made it a more fun game. I think that NC soft L2 can allies being a successful business and must be closer to these customers, instead of just collecting the money, it 's not incompatible. Thank you again @mixa for enlightening us with your light and your wisdom which seem to have no limits and variat
  7. I already talked about that to have a auto pick up directly in the inventory, cause Mage and Yull are disadvantaged, what for me is the more logical and simple . The macro to my ISS Domintor to assist me with the Skill Assault Rush, all the spots that i tried, i can't pick up all mostly when you kill fast , my ISS doesn' t have the time to assist me , with tank it' s nice for to pick up , but you lost XP and Adena , or the better with tank high level, high gear, with Cubic Fire Bless and without pt. I pick up more to Mahum because all are aggressive, than Wasteland or Field of Massa
  8. The ppl are free to choose their server, some play on several, we have an EU server which is very active on the prices of similar products. The currency of the L2 store is in euros, and less items than NC West , compound more easily. .. but some products like God Jewels and Ancient Kingdom cloaks are non-existent, and but maybe could be implemented one day. The prices for Chronos are more fair than Naia, but more expensive than EU. Naia is (luxury mode), it's interesting to see that on the NC west servers the players seem to like to pay more for the same products, of course everything i
  9. The probabilities, the luck... the difficulty to getting good stuff (items, events, drops ...) can be exciting things, but it's another to spend so much in the hope of getting good items. The politics of NC West, it's just that the rates would be very low, and the top items would be almost inaccessible, but NC West must surely think that everyone takes too much pleasure in rowing to have everything, and just as much difficulty in having peanuts, and ppl not feeling where the money is going , it's aggravated, by pulling too much on the rope it ends up breaking. @m0daIt's over the lon
  10. A long time ago these two class pecific to the dwarves were very important, or even essential, since the big fafurion update the spoiler is dead, the only thing that remains, if we can say it, at high level the spoiler with a lot of luck because cause more you go high the more the drop chance rate increases to get the crystal augmenting stone, and exchange them to the blacksmith to get the augment stone, but it takes a lot so not obvious, addition it's the weakest class of dagger, and don't rely too much on the prestige rune pack which doesn't 'brings almost nothing. The dead crafters a
  11. I understood you well, but i think you didn't understand ppl here. in principle, it reminds me of a skit where the comedian who tells "but why are you poor, or come and see there are poor people, as if they were entertained... what more to say to a closed mind except that it would be better if his mouth was closed too, without offending you Have fun average Chronos gear!
  12. @Dagger You just confirmed what i said in my previous topics, about the fact that some players reached these critical rates, because some doubted it, and thank you for teach me that we can change the interface of the channel setting, i am naab for sure, but it's not an excuse for not seeing it, i still have to learn, and i like it. I play with my yull 113 at my level and with a gear almost similar than yours, on naia, so if I was on Chronos for sure, i would have much better, but i also play on EU, and I have a much better gear. You come bark here, and say that the 5% is not felt, with your
  13. I'm just saying @Dagger on your channel setting options on the trade field you have % hero, so you are not even on the NC west, UE and Korean servers. Did you also got this nerf to 5% on your 2 AOE skills, on your server... I'm not impressed with your 90% critical rate, because i know certain here have too, if you don't have that 5% nerf, why come and bark here and say to yul, that they don't feels this nerf, and indeed your video just means that out of 162 hits, you did 71 critical hits so 43.82% critical to be precise.
  14. These are your damages to Chronos ...Really... @Dagger
  15. @DaggerHumm ? It's not the same server, we don't know your stuff and you could say anything here, and yes the irony here is to compare everything !
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