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scam event??


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You know as you type that out... it's hard to believe that's actual money being spent on a "Chance" of a reward or payout. 

This is dangerously close to a online casino in allot of ways. I'm surprised they can do this legally when you look at the mechanic on paper. 

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There are already messages with +10 enchants. Seems like people still use the enchant bug. Probably I would do it as well if I knew how it works. Maybe roids/roidz from Giran can tell us if he (or she) is reading this forum.

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40 minutes ago, tyriast012 said:

I spended 8000 ncoin,and got nothing,all failed to level up.

Even is scam roulette:)

Go buy another 10k coin and try again soon all 50 people on server will have +10 and you can have a blast :) Shit like this should be illegal

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