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Change mainclass or Dual to main service


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Will there ever be any service or event to change the main class or dualclass to main?

Since the next update will change quite a lot of things, i am wondering is that will possible, but if not, will it be possible to change all items in the same account?

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I will never understand why some ppl are so obsessed with this Dual-to-Main thing. There is just one part of the game that can only be done by the main class: Olympiad. All other can be done with Dual. And i can tell you one thing for sure: you will never be hero. The only way to become hero is to drop 100k $ on that game to keep up with those how lost the link to reality long long time ago. By the way, this is the final month of Olympiad as it was like we all know it. Next month the World-Wide-Oly will start and if there was a small change till now that one of you would become hero, it is gone now for sure. 

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there's Oly / World Oly and the server ranking which give boosts to those that reach the top of server / race, not that hard or expensive to reach top 100 on server or top 10 for specific race

and here's what Juji had to say about main - dual swap last week so yeah it's possible, just need to convince Korea to get this service.


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