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Economy in CHAOS!!!!

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Buldos    16

Doesn't anyone think it's unfair pay same prices for NPC goods/services with other regions versions of L2Classic with getting nerfed drops of adena. Real amount of adena dropped in hight lvl areas is half from l2wiki for skelth server. Is it normal to cover with drops just half amount of adena spended for buy basic consumables (shots/spirit ore)?

Is it normal to force players buy adena from bots to support lvling becouse way to get extra adena by selling l2store items on market don't work anymore. Half of server trying sell stuff from l2store for adena and another half of server can't buy it becouse they are simple havn't adena even for keeping exp with basic consumables.

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Casemonstro    4

@Juji and @Hime I know about the work done on the server, I admire it.

However, today we live in a reality in which the server seems to lead the player to buy adenas. Why not turn this into a way for NCSoft to win and not for salespeople (considering they have no relationship with NCSoft) every day there are chars announcing the sale of adenas, just stay in any city and receive messages. If there is an intention to curb or prohibit the sale of ads, should not these advertisers / ip be banned?

Or will we continue with the Bots saga for another 15 years?

I would definitely like an answer. A transparent and frank communication makes the forum the best communication tool and not one of imposition.

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On 2/14/2020 at 4:40 PM, Casemonstro said:

Doesn't anyone think it's unfair that a single castle generates taxes in all cities?

I think it's unfair ncsoft keeps removing content from the game as "updates". Remember when non mega clans were able to hold castles? Remember when even small clans were able to get forts? Remember when there were things to do in game other than grind?

Pepperidge farms might remember but NcSoft sure doesn't...

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