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Luck is a lie


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I’m sure other people’s Luck stats are higher or lower but to think my luck at 67, with all the lucky pots and buffs you could get would still not help me enchant my weapon is some bs. Like how lucky do you have to be to get a top grade +22 pve weapon........ </3

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While I can sympathize, it's called luck for a reason. Increase your odds by increasing your volume. Want to try to get that +12 bloody to +++? Buy several enchant tickets/stones and be prepared to walk away empty handed (decrease or no increase in levels).


Basically, over prepare and expect nothing. Also, as far as I can tell.. Luck is a separate "roll" from enchant chance and results are marginal at best. This, speaking from someone with 87 a luc stat(w/ luc buffs) dorfie.

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3 hours ago, NemesiC said:

The difference may be this but the chance  to get +3 or +4 from a giant scroll is much bigger 

Marph shirt is only for R grade items not for cloaks fo example :)

rofl, the giant scrolls outcome value is random, only their success rate is affected by luc.

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