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This game loves me,enchant +21 without restoration

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Remember when it was stated that the enchants had a 2 in 3 chance of a successful enchant? Yet despite that high percentage of success, people failed OEing stuff like crazy? Well, some people. Not everyone. 

Superstition is just human nature. Whether people actually believe it brings them luck, I can't say. But as someone who used to enchant all of the time, I confess that I had my rituals.

We obviously can't simultaneously glimpse alternate realities to see how the enchant turns out, if we change some variable.  We can only rely on the data we have available based on outcomes.  In theory, the entire process until you click "OK" is neutral: if it doesn't bring good luck, then it shouldn't bring bad luck, either. 

But here we are and nothing creates superstitious habits -- rituals -- like bad experiences. And, sadly, no matter what the stated chances of success may be, it does seem like the massive number of failures that occur -- failures that in their own way encouraged NCSoft to introduce token restoration -- seem to promote superstition ... because the mathematical probabilities don't seem quite right.

For every person that gets to +21 in a single go, there are hundreds, if not thousands of others who will fail trying to reach only +5. I mean, there's a reason why there aren't more +30 weapons around several years after they instituted the new glows.  Further, if they took away Red Libra, there probably wouldn't be many highly enchanted mage weapons -- which was something else that we later found out was not quite right according to the stated chances. With all that players have working against them, some known variables, others not so much, well, you might as well be a little superstitious.  😄


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