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Super Damage? Or Hack?


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I want to know if this damage is normal.
I was killing mobs and they put the flag on me, they kill me with this "super damage" and I could not see who it was, what race it was, I can only see this ...

I just wanted to know if this damage was possible.
*-* Thank you *-*

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1 hour ago, ZoeM7 said:

i'm R95 :_V

Actually Zelda hits like a crippled little girl, but yes, this damage is more than possible very easily from a decently stacked toon, especially at your level and gear.

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On 28/07/2018 at 11:15 PM, beherit said:

it is actually kinda low...
my top  received hit was like 3.5 millions (being lv 103 with R95+10 light armor)

Get bloody +10 

ferios with pdef aug

lesser crit dmg received

decent pdef items 

and it will become 500k

and from there you work the way out to minimise what you get versus what you give 

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That it is a very low dmg you got there. if you think that toon on sieg with pvp set +11, with rose, diamond lvl3, 105/103 get, 14k pdef get 1.5m dmg easy from aoe.

So wlc to the official l2. Also don't forget that are many ways to do bill of adena every day without spending ncoins and playing 2-3 hours a day.

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