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Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video


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LoL you can easily so how many Nova members detags after sieges and yet this knuckleheads like KingScrubz and TheBlackPoop keeps crying about detags lmao..... EZ siege though 12mins new record since I think we took rune castle away from them in dime siege like 20mins tops nothing to expect from Nova and their low tier players :D  

PS- Everyone can see as well how many clans are allied with Renovatio and yet they still keep crying about zerg beyond pathetic! :D 

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2 minutes ago, Argus said:

Hey, Please explain why they lost castle, but not the crap - they noobs, they suck.. etc etc // LF Info why lost in 12 min :) 

It is what it is, numbers aren't even the issue really when defending, but, the combination of low turnout and being outgunned with Truffle there, 1 shotting everyone and everything. Way too OP. Cant beat both issues, one or the other yeah, but when both happened it was dangerously apparent that was going to be the siege when things went sideways.

If anyone can watch this video and give credit to anyone other than him for this win, they're f'in delusional. He broke the gates 1-3 hits, 1 shot 50% of the nova cc with OP AF skills, 3 shot all the crystals in less than 3 minutes, and cleaned up stragglers, forcing us to regroup from town and essentially eliminating chances of sustained interrupts on the 3 potential casters ya'll bought. On our end, we didn't have eyes on the caster that crested (fail) because/and our activity sucked (fail) but their victory was ONLY due to Truffle being so damn OP.

Last server siege we ran place to place and had our way with all the others in MS while avoiding the eviscerator in question ~85% of the time, and went up hundreds in war stats. Just more evidence that there's only 1 reason for MS "dominance" on siege day.

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