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Annother Agressive paytowin promo

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On 5/16/2022 at 10:30 AM, ArctodusSimus said:

I got 40 cloak normal enchants , i got cloak +3 ... very very very low enchant rates .
Maybe they want us to leave so they can close this 2 servers and move on.

P.S. another wave of ppl. selling their items . I don't think gm's  look at time played , just chars list on server. Even although the chars are naked and not in game for months/years.

I think they might soon get what they're looking for

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At 2nd cloak eventmany years before i made my elmore +10 with 15-17 scrolls and  from 10 to 15 with 2 normal scrolls and 3x 10% more chance

and a ferios+15 with 22 scrolls to +10 and 5 to +15....(normal ones)

10%more chance scrolls were 120hero coins each those days.

Today elmore+0/aden+0 a try with 4x75 scrolls

Result +7 aden not really hard, Elmore+2 (4 times+10 fail to +11,1 time 6 to 7 and all the rest scrolls were +1 to +3 and back to 0 again )

Just advice for a new poor guys who try a decent+10 cloak...not even talkiing about +15 or 18.

0 reason for a new one to start when +7 cloaks cost on naia 150-200b and +10 400b....

i feel NcScammedWest doing correct  works :)

108 luc

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It's a simple question, we are in the midst of Lineage 2's 18th birthday. It is expected that on a birthday there will be celebration, party, good memories...
The PAY-TO-WIN has always been present in the game, and on all servers, whether private or official. But I would never have imagined that the same PAY-TO-WIN, so criticized by the players, so condemned by the community, would be part of a celebration. What did they intend? What they want? Why remember PAY-TO-WIN on birthday?

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