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Sad. I think that to let the store open when you log out was a right guess, and I hope they would implement that mechanic in classic version. It's absurd to stay looking your character sitting on the floor continously. Or worse, let your computer working when you are sleeping. Simply absurd...

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56 minutes ago, Cleberzito said:


It would be great if it did not have a bot.


It would be great if Ncsoft take more care about bots population than they do in the Life L2 servers...
Even if the farmers can't let the charater's store and get off-line, they will do in online, and the oficial player will have worse to sell their stuffs.

And they can program some restrictions for the stores offline, like a time limit open for example.

And I don't know everybody, but let my computer online all night to have open my store is a big spend of electricity, and bad for the computer, specialy for laptops.

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nope. I'm against offline shops. It works for small server but no for massive like this one.
Just imagine that single person may create hundreds of offline shops just to spam. It makes cities to crowded and with trash shop content.

In my opinion offline shops may be accessible for VIPS tier 3 and 4. or the one with subscription. But I will limit offline time to eg. 8 hours just to avoid shops pending in cities for many weeks.
optionally I would buy a scroll/rune nth-hours for example rune 12 hours when you start shopping the time is passing down, when ends shop will disappear.

@Juji  @Hime

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