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LMS Tournament (Giran) 300k reward


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So i stopped playing a few ago, however i still have my afk shops generating adena by reselling stews :) currently have about 5kk revenue so i tought why not give away some since im not playing.


Starts at 12:00 PM UTC+1 in Giran server at Gludin arena

Max of 16 players

Entry lvl - everyone without a second class ( will check that by inviting to a party )

Anyone teamming up including Healing or puposly assisting ( to split the winning ) will be disqualified

However buffs are allowed before the fight dont care if its your box or a friend, but as soon as the fight has started any healing or debuffing by your friends will count as disqualification

We will gather at 12PM at gludin arena at start around 12:10 PM So be there in time


Bassicly we will have one round of LMS and the winner takes all :) if the event is a succes will make more of those

How to enter:

Join Discord at discord.gg/ka3DkG and as soon as we have 16 players i will announce that tourney is full and we can begin tomorrow :)

Bring your best gear and good luck :)

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2 minutes ago, LightRider said:

You should get all the summoners that show up to block off the gates with their summons so ppl can’t interfere.

also @Juji do you think you could help with this event this player wants to facilitate?


Good idea, couse i know theres alot of aholes who will come to ruin this :D but i dont know any sumonners since mostly i played solo and only afk shopping to get adena

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